Regionalization of precipitation in Mauritius: a statistical approach

The aim of this study was to quantify the regional precipitation patterns of Mauritius using the total mean annual precipitation of 52 meteorological stations for the period 1981–2010. Principal component analysis was first used to determine the …

Trend analysis of annual precipitation of Mauritius for the period 1981–2010

This study researched the precipitation variability across 53 meteorological stations in Mauritius and different subregions of the island, over a 30-year study period (1981–2010). Most regions showed a decrease in precipitation during the period 1996–2000. This is attributed to the 1998–2000 drought period which was brought about by a moderate La Niña event. In general, an increase in precipitation levels was observed across the country during the study period. This increase is the result of an increase in extreme precipitation events in the region. On the other hand, two subregions, both located in the highlands, experienced a decline in precipitation levels. Since most of the reservoirs in Mauritius are located in these two subregions, this implies serious consequences for water availability in the country if existing storage capacities are kept