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Hi guys! Welcome to my blog. I mainly write about data science and visualisations in climate science palaeobiology (hoping to expand soon). Enjoy!

Setting up Atom to use with R (and Python)

I recently got myself a new laptop (HP Pavilion x360) to make it easier for myself to work from home during this pandemic. Since both my home and work desktop computers have Ubuntu 18.

Hello world, and I finally switched to blogdown

The website is finally kinda live! I wonder how many hello-world posts I’ve written over the past 12 years (I do tend to fall in and out with blogging A LOT) but as of today, I’m saying goodbye to Wordpress and all its faff.

Palaeobiologist in training | Data Enthusiast

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About me

I am a paleobiologist (in training) interested in macroecological and macroevolutionary patterns generated through environmental processes across space and time. I mainly work with marine invertebrates using primarily the Paleobiology Database and Neptune Database. As part of my Master’s thesis, I’m currently working on investigating origination and range dynamics. In the future, I am also planning to include machine learning methods in my analyses, to carry out predictions on future dynamics of marine organisms using palaeontological data. I mainly use R in my analyses and am just starting out with Python.

Originally trained as a physical geographer, I also carry out research on modern climate and natural hazards, focusing on Turkey and Mauritius. In my free time, I also have a dabble with data visualisations.


  • Macroevolution
  • Macroecology
  • Data Science
  • Data Visualisation
  • Machine Learning


  • MSc Geosciences (Major: Paleobiology), 2019

    Friedrich-Alexander University, Germany

  • MSc Physical Geography, 2016

    Ankara University, Turkey

  • BSc (Hons) Geography, 2012

    King's College London, UK



Research Assistant

Department of Palaeontology, FAU

February 2019 – Present Erlangen, Germany
Assisting Prof. Wolfgang Kiessling with the preparation of a grant proposal as well as with his research.

Teaching Assistant

Department of Palaeontology, FAU

October 2018 – January 2019 Erlangen, Germany

Tasked with helping to design the Programming and Statistics module for Masters students in Palaeobiology.

Topics included:

  • Spatial analysis and statistics
  • Structural equation modelling
  • Introduction to machine learning

Research Assistant

Department of Geography, Ankara University

September 2014 – August 2016 Ankara, Turkey
Worked together with Dr. Olgu Aydin on analysing climate and natural hazards in Turkey.







Data Science

Courses & ­Workshops

Applied Data Science with Python

Introduction to data science through the python programming language: statistical, machine learning, information visualization, text analysis, and social network analysis techniques through popular python toolkits such as pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn, nltk, and networkx to gain insight into data

Ecological Modelling in Paleontology

Birth-death models,…


Cenozoic marine plankton

Origination and range dynamics of Cenozoic marine plankton

Sampling bias in the pbdb

How does GDP affect sampling bias in the Paleobiology Database?